Antoine Dodson Tattoo – Run and Tell That Homeboy!

By | November 10, 2010

Antonie Dodson Tattoo
I’m sure everyone knows who Antoine Dodson is by now.  If  you don’t you must have been living under a rock the past few months!  I think the video of him was hilarious, but I think this person took it way too far!  Can you image explaining this tattoo to your kids one day? For those of you that missed the video, I have posted both the original video and the auto-tone remix below.


Original Antoine Dodson Video

Antoine Dodson Auto-Tone Remix Music Video

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Finnish Fan on December 18, 2011 at 1:07 pm.

And Antoine actually says RUN UNTIL THAT. The wording on this tat makes no sense if you listen to what he says.

“We’re gonna find you
So you can run until that
run until that

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