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Antoine Dodson Tattoo – Run and Tell That Homeboy!

By | November 10, 2010

I’m sure everyone knows who Antoine Dodson is by now.  If  you don’t you must have been living under a rock the past few months!  I think the video of him was hilarious, but I think this person took it way too far!  Can you image explaining this tattoo to your kids one day? For […]

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Patrick Swayze “The Centaur” Chippendale Tattoo

By | November 19, 2009

First I would like to say RIP Mr. Swayze, you will be missed but never forgotten. I dont think anyone can argue the fact that “Road House” was one of the best all time movies of all time…I dont say this often, but “Road House” is super mega awesome.

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The Top 5 Best Bad Tattoos Video

By | October 7, 2009

5) Bad Gay Wrestling Tattoo 4) Forehead Tattoo of GOLDENPALACE.COM 3) Scary Dude in jail Tattoo 2) Bad Translation Tattoo 1) Too Small Tattoo

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