Patrick Swayze “The Centaur” Chippendale Tattoo

By | November 19, 2009

Patrick Swayze Tattoo - Centaur Chippendale

First I would like to say RIP Mr. Swayze, you will be missed but never forgotten. I dont think anyone can argue the fact that “Road House” was one of the best all time movies of all time…I dont say this often, but “Road House” is super mega awesome.

Now lets examine this tattoo. At first glance its a centaur tattoo, then we see Patrick Swayze, and finally we see a chippendale. If you remember Swayze had an epic battle against Chris Farley for the one available Chippendale spot. You can view the video below.

Now, we’ve got it: it’s a Patrick Swayze Centaur Chippendale tattoo, this tat has to get this guy some serious ass.

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