Wrecking Balm Reviews – Remove Tattoos at Home

By | November 8, 2009

Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal Reviews:

For most people, when they got their tattoo it was one of the highlights of their life. Having a unique tattoo is a wonderful way to express yourself along with things that interest your or maybe your relationships also.

But the real question is, what can you do if the tattoo you were so excited about loses your interest?

There are a couple of options you can use to remove a tattoo from home, but we found that the WreakingBalm technique has worked best. Because getting a laser treatment will tend to be very expensive, we have a few options left, one is using home remedies to learn how to remove a tattoo.

You can read on below for the review of Wreaking balm which is a way to remove a tattoo from home.

Wrecking Balm – One of the alternative methods to having your tattoo removed with laser, is Wrecking Balm. New advancements with in home tattoo removal systems such as Wreckingbalm®, make do it yourself tattoo removal safe, effective, and convenient. They even offer a RISK-FREE trial. You can find them here: Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System

Bottom line: You can only do one Wrecking Ball system at a time, which should fade a tattoo. But the good news is that if it doesn’t work, they offer a 100 percent refund.

Here is the process for removing the tattoo:

1. They recommend that before you start fading your tattoo, you should take a photo. If it is difficult to take it your self see if a friend or family member to can help by taking a picture of your tattoo so you’ll have a reference of what it looked like before hand.

2. Read the manufactures instructions on the back of the WreckingBalm® package.

3. Make sure you have a timer or stopwatch and it is also recommended to use in your bathroom, this makes it easy to rinse skin between steps.

4. Clean the skin area of the tattoo, you want to make sure there is no oil or dirt on your skin.

5. Following the instructions. Remove the DemoMatic™ hand device from the box. Insert batteries (supplied) as instructions indicate. Unwrap one of the DemoMatic heads and secure onto the motorized microdermabrasion device.

6. Dip the Demomatic™ into the Suffusion™ Gel. Apply light pressure and gently move the DemoMatic™ device for a maximum of 45 seconds to create a duel method of accelerated exfoliation.

7. Rinse tattoo skin area and pad skin dry with towel.

8. Using the Demo-Brasion™ Spray, cover tattoo skin with mist of the specially formulated skin peeling spray to penetrate down deeper into the skin for increased fading. It is normal to experience a slight tingling sensation. Leave on skin for 90 seconds.

9. Rinse skin thoroughly and pad dry.

10. Apply Hydravescent™ Cream with botanical ingredients that help soothe skin as well as lighten the appearance of the tattoo from the surface down, gradually working to fade the ink pigments.

11. The Branding Butter™ is a water-resistant conceal that can be applied to cover the tattoo while the WreckingBalm® System works at fading ink away. It’s great for the special occasions or when a person feels the need cover their tattoo.

12. Repeat the above steps three times per week, until satisfactory results are achieved. Remember tattoo removal regardless of the method is not an overnight occurrence. Tattoo removal is a process that requires consistency and patience.

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